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  • Joey Guerra, Top CDs of 2010, Houston Chronicle Wrong Is What I Do Best

    "Miss Leslie’s gutsy vocals makes these songs about lonely, lovin’ women soar. She’s able to recall country queens (Tammy Wynette and Connie Smith come to mind) but still feel fresh."

    Karlie Justus, Review of Wrong Is What I Do Best, The9513.com, 8/26/2010

    "As Miss Leslie continues to fine-tune her musical fingerprint, it’s exciting to watch her develop as one of traditional country’s most authentic and talented performers."

    Doug Freeman, Review of Wrong Is What I Do Best, Texas Music Magazine, Summer 2010

    "Tried and twanged, Miss Leslie remains a contemporary Lone Star honky-tonk high point."

    4 1/2 Stars - Duncan Warwick, Review of Wrong Is What I Do Best, Country Music People, May 2010

    "There may be a generous 14 tracks on this release, but I can't say there are any duff tracks, and all who decry the state of country music should immediately seek this album out."

    Between the Whiskey and the Wine - Top Disc of 2008, Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle

    "The country girl with the big ol’ voice is one of Houston’s finest singers. This sterling disc is like a journey through her honky-tonk heart and captures the intensity of her live performances."

    Robert K Oermann, Music Row Magazine, October 2008

    "There's more: There are two women making records in Texas who are absolutely essential listening if you love real country music. Their names are Brennen Leigh and Miss Leslie, and they both blew me away. . . —Holy mackerel! Miss Leslie is a barroom chanteuse from the old school. The title tune to her CD finds her bluesy ballad belting in a smoky atmosphere swirling with steel guitar. The album is a revelation. This gal is walking in the high heels of Dottie West and Patsy Cline."

    Chris Gray, SPIN Magazine, October 2008

    "Houston isn't exactly honky-tonk heaven, but the sorrowful lyrics and steely solos of fiddle-playing frontwoman Miss Leslie and her band will have you thinking otherwise. Leslie's gift for turning pain (she's a recent divorcee) into country gold marks her as a kindred spirit to fellow heartbroken Southeast Texan George Jones. For proof, check out the recent Between the Whiskey and the Wine."

    **** Craig Baguley, Review of Between the Whiskey and the Wine, Country Music People, August 2008

    "For those who figure the best beer joint tunes centre on depression, heartache and sorrow, Miss Leslie is their perfect musical guide. Every one of her 13 original, three chord country songs here mirrors a world of hard drinking, divorce and broken down love - though the lady does seem to be having a never-ending ball in the peppy Honky Tonk Hangover.

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July 08, 2011


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Well coming from a male perspective; I think any man with this view of Women, is a piece of CRAP and a COWARD!!!
Great Blog Leslie and I'm with ya on all that.

Paul W Dennis

I couldn't get the download link to work, but I'll buy it on CD if you ever get around to putting it in a CD. Nice lyrics!

I hate that XM merged Willie's Place and The Roadhouse because the Texas artists have disappeared and it was my chief means of discovering new music (since all of my radio listening time is in the car). Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next album


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts about helical. Regards

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